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- Ukrainian public organization, which aims to promote the development of modern psychotherapy in Ukraine. 

Since 1997 USP is a member of the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP). Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists was founded in 1996 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the certificate number 730 of 11.04.1996 year. In 1996, USP adopted Constitution, Code of Ethics developed by the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists.

There are about 1000 active members in USP (psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists) from 26 regions UKRAINE. Psychotherapists of 10 areas of psychotherapy united in our organisation and there are currently 13 active sections. 

 The purpose and object of Union activities: The main purpose of the Union is to unite efforts of the members of the Union in promoting the development of psychotherapy in Ukraine and protect their common interests. To fulfill the goal and objectives in the prescribed manner Union:

- Takes part in the legislative processes that govern the functioning of psychotherapeutic services as a separate type of assistance of the population; 

- Represents and defends the interests of its members to solve the legal, economic and organizational issues in government agencies, public and scientific associations; 

- Creates contemporary practical psychotherapeutic service and development of specific psychotherapeutic assistance to the population;

- Takes care about international cooperation to solve problems in the field of psychotherapy, organizing joint seminars, symposia, conferences and other events; 

 - Identifies, examines, promotes and ensures the implementation of useful initiatives of citizens and legal entities that contribute to the development of psychotherapy in Ukraine; 

 - Takes part in the development and implementation of national programes of development of psychotherapy, schools programs in areas of modern psychotherapy;

- Provides its members with the necessary types of information, advisory and other services; 

- Takes part in international events;

- Conducts scientific research community in the field of psychotherapy; 

- Provides advice and assistance in the field of psychotherapy to its members; 

 - To make proposals to government and management on the promising directions of state policy and specific measures in psychotherapy; 

- Disseminates information and promotes its ideas and goals.

USP holds annual conferences aimed at increasing professional experience. Through close cooperation with Ukraine in the EAP conducted international seminars, symposiums, congresses involving leading psychotherapists from Europe. USP was organized in 2003 in Lviv, 11th European Congress of EAP, which is an important step in the further development of modern psychotherapy in Ukraine. Dozens of psychotherapists from Ukraine through integrative policy EAPO received European Certificate of Psychotherapy. USP was first organized on the territory of CIS international educational project on contemporary areas of psychotherapy (psychoanalysis, psychodrama, client-centered therapy, systemic-family therapy, Gestalt - therapy) 'Truskavets 1994-1999'